A key concept in organizing is assigning a home for all of your belongings. An easy project to tackle is the area by the door you use the most to leave your home. I call this a docking station. The rest of the internet calls this a landing strip.

The docking station should hold all of the things you need to leave the house – keys, wallet, purse. Additionally, there should be spots for things that you like to drop off as soon as you walk in the door. For us, this includes a change jar (to avoid tiny piles of change all over the house) and a basket to recycle junk mail immediately. For you, this might include sunglasses, hats and mittens, cell phone, etc.RedDockingStation

This is our current docking station.  We bought this little table (actually a night stand from Ikea) to fit in a very tiny space in our last apartment. Currently, there’s a bowl for our keys and headphones, another container for change, plus a basket on the shelf to recycle junk mail and other paper that comes in the door.  In the drawer, I store coupons that we will actually use.  After our next move, I’m going to upgrade to a larger table that will also hold my purse and another work bag – which you can see sitting on the floor next to the table.

The space devoted to the docking station need not be large – it just needs to be a dedicated space. Even if you don’t have enough floor space for an additional table, you can create a wall mounted docking station.  Here are a few ideas (from left to right):

  1. Cloud Key Holder – by Suck UK.  There are three super strong magnets on the bottom of the cloud.  A cute solution for those minimalists out there.  Available on Amazon and other online shops.
  2. Fusillo Wall Shelf – by andViseVersa.  This shelf is fully customizable.  Each slat of wood can rotate up to be a divider, down to be a hook, or flat to be part of the shelf.  See here for more pictures.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a price or a way to buy this item online!
  3. Elephant Organizer – by Kikkerland. This letter organizer can sit on a table or be mounted to the wall.  When mounted, the trunk serves as a hook.  Also available in bear shape, but with no hook, unfortunately.  Kikkerland.com has a online shop.








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  1. Elizabeth, we’ve had a key/wallet bowl ever since I saw yours two years ago, and it is so helpful!

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