Since we’re in the midst of prime gift-giving season (aka December), I thought I would do a couple of additional gift suggestions posts, all centered around the idea of keeping your life organized, decluttered and simplified.  This is the focus of my new organizing business: Well Ordered DC.  (Tell all your friends!)

In my last post, I shared some great time/life planner products with you.  Today, I share some gift ideas for the reader in your life.



You probably know about the Kindle, but I am a huge fan of it, so I wanted to mention it here straight off the bat.  The Kindle is Amazon’s e-reader.  I recommend either the basic Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite (These are their two dedicated e-readers.  They allow you to read books electronically. That’s it).  I have the basic Kindle and I love it for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It’s small and lightweight. I used to avoid carrying around certain books I was reading because they were too big.  This is not a problem with the Kindle.  It fits in even my smallest purse.
  2. It’s easy on the eyes.  I work on the computer ALL day.  The last thing I want to do at night or on the weekend is stare at another glaring screen.  The Kindle screen is designed to look like a piece of paper – no bright light staring back at you.  The Paperwhite has a new type of screen which is also designed to be easy on the eyes, but comes with a special kind of built in light. I have not tried this version myself, only watched the videos on the Amazon site.  I’d love to hear what you think of the new screen in the comments!
  3. It stores a ton of books. No matter how many books you own, its still the same size – unlike your home library! You can obtain more books with no additional clutter.  This might be my favorite feature of the Kindle.  There is also a new service/product called kindle matchbook.  If you bought a paper version of the book in the past (from amazon) you can buy the kindle version of the book for a discounted price.  Another way to clear off those shelves!
  4. It’s a reasonable price.  Tablets are expensive. Period.  The Kindle starts at under $100.  For a little extra, you can buy a version without ads.


Subscription to

If the book lover in your life is also an audiobook lover, maybe they would like a subscription to has a ton of audiobooks available via a subscription service, much like Netflix’s DVD program.  For a monthly fee you get X number of audiobooks per month.  Non-members can also purchase books for a higher price. You can listen to the audiobook on your computer, your phone, or your tablet – they have tons of compatible devices.

What I like about this gift idea is that it might be something the recipient would love but wouldn’t consider buying for themselves – my favorite type of gift to give and receive!

*Also, I don’t mean to only promote Amazon on this post.  Audible used to be its own company, but was bought by Amazon last year*


Library Site Lesson

My final gift suggestion is an experience gift – something new I’m trying out this year.  Did you know that your library probably has e-books and audiobooks (and maybe even e-magazines) available for borrowing?  I pretty much guarantee that the process to actually obtain these books is complicated and a bit convoluted.

So as your gift to the book lover in your life, offer a lesson in how to use their library’s e-collection service.  Start to Finish.  You’ll first need to figure out how to do this yourself – so plan accordingly!  Once you’ve got the system down, sit down with the gift recipient and walk them through the process, step by step.  Make hot cocoa, turn on some relaxing music (Jazz Holiday Radio station on Pandora, anyone?), and spend some computer time together.  Be patient and go at their speed – not yours. :)


Any other gift ideas for the reader in your life?  Please share in the comments!

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