The internet (and my calendar I suppose) tell me that the holidays are coming up.  Really, the internet tells me that the holidays are coming up and that means people are about to freak out!  Today I won’t go into any long drawn out list of reasons the holidays are not a time to freak out, instead I will share a list of things I to do to try and calm myself down.

I may not get worked up about the holidays (or at least I haven’t yet), but I am the type of person who can worry about anything and then stress themselves out about any number of things.  Lately I’ve been keeping really busy trying to get my own business up and running.  Besides getting nervous about putting myself out there, there is a ton of things for me to learn about business in general – both of which are stressful!  So, in the spirit of always trying to better myself, I’ve been employing a few techniques to help manage my stress level.


Walk It Out.

Change your scenery and take a walk.  The crisp fall air has been great for snapping myself out of a worrying funk.  If my arms and legs are moving, my mind can get moving in the right direction.  I move away from any negative thoughts and work on productive, positive brainstorming.

Get a Coffee.

Or a beer. Or whatever.  Put away your phone/compute/tablet and give yourself a bit of time to sit with your thoughts (and your coffee).  If the walk got your mind moving too much, use this time to refocus your attention on what matters most to you and to your goals.

Make a List.

Of course I recommend making a list! I always feel better after I make a list.  However, if my mind has been racing around on a single topic, I make sure my list includes only concrete next action steps.  I want to end with a plan in hand on how to achieve a goal or solve a particular problem.

Picture your Successful Self.

Ok, bear with me here for a minute.  I recently heard a talk about ways to assess and achieve a goal.  One point that I had never considered before was the power that visualizing yourself having already achieved a goal can have.  You can do this in words or simply in your mind.  The key is focusing on what your life will be like once your goal is achieved.  This is a great push for me – I picture my future, successful self and I’m able to stop worrying and just get things done!


Oh and please note that I’ve marked this as a BO-pinion post.  As I noted above, this is just something I’ve been working on myself!  I’m happy for more suggestions in the comments!