CupletSuccessI am an imperfect baker.


I don’t know what it is about the kitchen, but whenever I step in there to bake or cook, I lose some of my typical behaviors.  Organized? Nope.  Detail-oriented? Nope.  Perfectionist?  No way.

It’s not like I’m lazy about making food in general.  I love food and making food from scratch, at home.  I am constantly dreaming up complicated plans of things to create in the kitchen.  When I’m cooking, my laid-back style is (usually) not a problem.  Soups can handle a little extra spice here and there.  Any dish can handle a few more vegetables than is called for.

Baking though…being a science of its own right, requires some planning and rule following.  If you want a successful outcome at least.

You know what makes a good baker?  Someone who plans ahead.  Someone who ensures they have all the ingredients they need for a recipe.  Someone who carefully measures out the correct amount for each ingredient.  Someone who reads the darn recipe to start with.

So even though I love making food and dream big when it comes to baking, I am not a natural baker.  I’m working on it!  I now (almost always) read the recipe 2 or 3 times before I get started.  (No, reading it once wasn’t enough…you’d be surprised!).  I check my cupboards for all of the ingredients before I start mixing.  I pull out the kitchen scale and the right measuring devices each time. I do not concern myself with how many dishes I am dirtying to follow each step of the recipe as written.

There’s still been some hits and some misses lately.  Pumpkin muffins = success.  (I followed this recipe.  I don’t have a doughnut pan, so I made muffins instead).

My mom’s Cocoa Pink Cuplets = less successful.  The first round turned out super flat and full on tiny holes on the surface.  They tasted fine, so I covered up the visual issues with some butter cream frosting.  I added some additional flour before baking the second round of cupcakes, which fixed the rising problem.


I plan to continue working on my baking skills this fall.  I’ll just keep some frosting on hand to cover those imperfections that arise from time to time.

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