turning30Okay, so having a birthday isn’t exactly a decision I can or cannot make, but I did decide to use this year’s big birthday to reflect back and look forward, so I’m counting it!

I am extremely grateful for what I gained in my twenties.  I made lifelong friends, met and married the best person imaginable, got some education (math is awesome!) and learned lots and lots of pesky life lessons.  And in the last six months I picked up and moved to a brand new city (not for school), which has been rewarding, rejuvenating and one of the hardest things I’ve done.

So…what about the next decade? And the years that follow?  What do I want to accomplish with my life?  In traditional Elizabeth-form, a list:

  • Grow our family.
  • Buy a home.
  • Take vacations.
  • Have a fulfilling work life.

To be honest, I could only look forward so far.  But even as I type up my list here, I think I would be pretty happy if this was my high-level life list.

When I started this blog, one of the purposes was to help me start my own home organizing business.  I told myself I would blog all summer, then come fall take those first steps in starting a new career.  Well it’s September and although its 90 degrees out, September to me equals fall, so its time to take a leap and do something even more challenging than moving across the country.

My first step is to make a list (did you guess that?) – of things I need to do to get this business up and running.  As I check things off the list, I’ll share my successes, missteps, frustration, excitement and all of the other emotions I’m sure will arise along the way.  My blog helps me share my ideas, but also keeps me motivated to accomplish something as huge as starting my own business!



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