As I mentioned in my first post, organizing is something I’ve always loved to do.  I love figuring out how to maximize a space’s potential.  The space is transformed physically, but my feeling about the space is also changed – I’m actually happier being in the space itself.

You may be thinking, that’s great for you Elizabeth, but what about me, your faithful reader (who may not love love love organizing like you do)?

Although I’m on team organizing, I don’t organize just for organizing’s sake.  I have TONS of other things I’d like to be doing with my life.  I’m not alone on this.  These days, everyone seems so busy.  Not only do people have work, family and other responsibilities like keeping the house clean, people also want to live a rich life — being social, learning new hobbies, traveling, reading…

By keeping my space organized, I help to minimize the time I spend on those “boring responsibilities,” which in turn, helps to maximize the time I have to do the other things I love.  I’ve been working on a mantra when it comes to organizing; its current form is:

Make room to live your life.

When a space is organized, your things are where they need to be and can be easily found.  This way, you are more efficient at finding whatever tools you need to get those boring tasks done.  Also, I feel a sense of accomplishment and calmness from being in an organized space.  I feel better and happier with myself and my life!

Talking about organizing is all well and good, but I think it’s time to do something! It’s time to get bo-rganized!

Let’s start with a small, manageable project.  Has something been staring you in the face for weeks (months) maybe?  That pile of “important” papers you “need” to look at or that ridiculously cluttered shelf in your kitchen (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything). Make the commitment to cleaning up that space.

Now, choose a timeline for your project.  Can you do it this weekend? Or next? Or maybe tomorrow night?  Pick a date to start and finish the project and stick to it.

If you need help picking a project I read a great post about this problem this week.  Check it out here.

spicesbefore1I’m committing to fixing my mess of a spice shelf. When we moved into our new apartment, I just put all of the spice I moved into a corner cabinet.  And left them there for me to shuffle through every time I cook.  They are a mess.  I will have this project complete by EOD August 4th.  Thanks to Annie for the inspiration to push me to finally tackle this project!

Add your project and your timeline in the comments!  It’s like the buddy system. It’ll help, I promise.

Happy bo-rganizing!!

Leave your own Bopinion!

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