TJ_CoffeeIceCreamI’ve decided that the “Best Decision I Made this Week” post will be a reoccurring topic on my blog.  As a way to wrap up their week, some bloggers  share what they’ve been reading on the internet over the past week.  I get the idea behind these posts – it’s a quick snapshot into what the blogger has been up to outside of writing their blog.  So this is my spin on that idea.

This week, it’s Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast ice cream.  After a long, drawn out week of temperatures in the  90s, it was just what I needed on Thursday night.  It also saved me from quitting the internet altogether while I was trying to figure out how to fix those little thumbnail pictures of my blog posts on facebook…but I won’t go into those details here.

This ice cream is my new favorite.  It’s rich, creamy and has a great coffee flavor.  A small scoop (or two) in one of our fancy dessert bowls is a great way to end an evening.

And while we’re talking about ice cream… the DC area loves frozen yogurt. There so so many frozen yogurt shops around town.  This I just don’t get.  Frozen yogurt goes on my list of things that are “a waste of everyone’s time and money.”  Just eat real ice cream!  Madison definitely did not have this phenomena. Not sure if this was because of the size of the town, or the state-wide devotion to dairy.  Either way, I’m sticking with the real stuff.


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